Transform your relationship with food and Your body

How we work

The aim for you to feel confident and happy in your own skin – regardless of your dress size.

When we work together, you will feel energised, healthy and excited by the transformation you see in yourself. Weight loss isn’t the goal; it may or may not happen.

12- week ‘eat in peace and rediscover the joy of eating’ program

Finding peace with food

Finding peace with food means having the power to make the right decisions, effortlessly.
It means no more guilt or stress.

It means eating for nourishment and for pleasure.

No formulas, no fads, no bullshit.

Learn to shop, cook and eat in a way that lets you look after yourself, the planet and those around you.

Together, we’ll process your triggers and challenges, and craft techniques to help you build confidence and sustainable behaviours.
You have it in you to be one of “those people” who is in control and makes it look easy.

Feel confident in yourself and your body

Your confidence doesn’t begin at a number on a scale, or increase as your dress size shrinks.
It’s starts today, not “one day” when you’ve lost weight.

Enjoy life – unrestricted

You deserve to feel great about who you are and what you’ve accomplished, free from oppressive food restrictions and self-criticism about the way you look.

Savour each morsel, pause in front of the mirror and live your life unrestricted, with confidence and peace of mind.

Sessions are available in Person in OXford or via Zoom from anywhere in the world

Inspirational Thoughts


"If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude"

- Maya Angelou


"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

-Jessica Lange