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I firmly believe that observing the way you think and feel about food is a sound way to improve your relationship with food and feel more content with who you are and what you are truly hungry for. Without this, no diet is going to work for you. That said, if you want a helping hand to lose excess body fat, reboot your metabolism, balance your hormones and feel healthier then The Nourished Body programme is for you.

What is Metabolic Imbalance?

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What is it?

Using the award-winning Metabolic Balance® weight management plan, this is a personalised eating plan based on blood test results, combined with one-on-one coaching to ensure sustainable long-term wellness.

How does it work?

  • We have our first meeting where all your measurements will be taken, goals established and a history taken. You will be given instructions on how to get your blood test done
  • I use these results to create a nutritional plan bespoke to you to re-establish your natural night-time fat burning process (lipolysis), that kick-starts your metabolism again. In effect, you’re burning fat while you sleep!
  • There are four distinct phases to the programme. I work with you through each of them to provide practical support and recipe ideas, a strong emphasis is placed on the coaching elements as in the Nourished Mind programme, this is the missing link to your success to ensure that this is not ‘another diet’
  • You won’t need to buy any expensive meal replacement products. All the foods in your diet plan can be bought at your local supermarket
  • As one of the UK’s first Metabolic Balance coaches, I have helped hundreds of clients lose weight, regain their health and transform their lives using this method


What are the four phases?

Phase 1: Cleanse

A gentle 48-hour cleansing phase in which you fast on broth. As a qualified chef, I can supply this broth if you live nearby. Alternatively, the recipe is provided.

Phase 2: Pivotal point

You are restricted to a balanced but limited group of foods specific to you, whilst your metabolism is trained and optimised for peak performance. This phase lasts 14 days and IS NOT calorie counting or deprivation – consider it a retraining of how to eat the right foods to boost your metabolism, retrain your brain and taste buds. Without fats, sugar and limited carbohydrates the body becomes very efficient at burning body’s own reserves of fat for fuel.

Phase 3: Re-introduce

The food list is gradually expanded and fat is included again. Phase Three also allows some flexibility into the programme. Participants stay on this phase until they reach their target weight, so the length of Phase 3 is up to us to decide. This is where some clients can start to slip into bad habits. Which is why I am on hand to coach you and to keep you on track.

Phase 4: Sustentation

During Phase 4, I work with you to incorporate the programme into a way of life by following a Low GL ‘diet’. I guide you through new foods as we learn which can be reintroduced in moderation and which foods should be avoided from your menu. By following a few guidelines and monitoring your weight, you will build a sustainable framework to maintain your health, which still allows you to live like a ‘normal person’ who enjoys occasional treats.

The standard five-month programme provides unlimited e-mail support and involves all the following elements


  • Weekly coaching sessions for the first three months
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions for further 2 months either in person or via Skype
  • Body composition analysis (weight, body fat %, BMI, muscle mass, metabolic age etc) and blood test
  • Revision of blood test results and development of your bespoke nutrition plan
  • Home-made Broth for the two-day detox phase I (location dependent)
  • Elimination – instructions and capsules are provided to conduct efficient elimination
  • Unlimited email or Whatsapp support during the three-month period
  • A beautiful seasonal recipe bundle to help you transition to a Low GL way of eating easily and effortlessly

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Includes all elements of Nourished Mind program.

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The Ultimate Transformation program can include some or all of these added elements – PAO

  • Blood test again after 6 months to see how metabolic markers have improved (cholesterol, liver function, blood sugar etc)
  • One hour private cooking and coaching workshops for phase II, III and/or IV
  • Personal recipe developent based on YOUR plan
  • Cooking demos and assisatnce to your cook to help implement changes
  • Daily or weekly extra coaching sessions that can be used when YOU need them at a time that is convenient to you (including out of hours)
  • Supermarket guided tour
  • Stylist and colour consultation
  • Additional functional testing to determine suitability of supplements and to delve deeper into contributing factors to any persistent health issue
  • Your personal nutritional therapsit, chef and coach at your call to guide you through this complete mind, body and kitchen transformation program

Optional tests:

  • Full thyroid screen – Hypo or a sub-optimal thyroid function can hinder weight loss. Sub-optimal function is only uncovered when a full panel is run to cover T3 and antibodies
  • Vitamin D status – Most of us have very little exposure to the sun and it is important to have your levels checked. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but a potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone, shown to influence about 10 percent of all the genes in your body
  • Fasting insulin in conjunction with glucose is a far more robust marker for insulin resistance, which again is a major roadblock for weight loss
  • ASI adrenal stress index. Stress can be a major factor contributing to weight gain, find out what your hormones are saying
  • Food intolerance test
*We may discuss these at various points of your plan if the need arises.

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"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

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