Make peace with food – and make friends along the way

Changing your mindset, habits and lifestyle can be easier when you’re not doing it alone. Our weekly ‘eat in peace’ group sessions are a popular way to access my coaching and support . Explore mindful and intuitive eating in a supportive and confidential group of like-minded people all wanting to improve their relationship with food and their bodies.

During six, 90-minute group sessions (and group communications in-between), you’ll support each other in adopting a mindful and intuitive approach to eating, encouraging all members of the group to feel more body-confident, less guilty about food habits, and happier and healthier long-term, without following another diet; ever!

The package includes

Intuitive eating assessment
Personal journal and intuitive eating worksheets
WhatsApp group to keep you motivated and supported
‘Kickstart’ workshop
Weekly accountability and motivation
Tasty treats at each session

Practice Rooms,
The Old Bakehouse

This is a 10 -week programme, running every Wednesday 10.00-11.30am during school term-time.

Taster sessions available before you sign up

What My Clients Say

M. Shrimpton

“We have both enjoyed the food choices and it is now our choice of eating for the future. The naughty foods only if out but we really haven’t missed cakes sweets or processed food.
I cook nearly every night after work. I have learned a lot from others in the group. It has been very motivating, good value for money.”

C. Whitby

“What amazing results I can achieve with the motivation and inspiration from a group of amazing like-minded women.”

L. Ferguson

The results have been incredible. Not only have I lost almost half a stone I’ve lost a total of 15cm off my waist, hips, thighs and biceps.
I have way more energy and have never felt better!

Having a group like this is so motivational. So many times I’ve almost not done any exercise/movement but when I see other people posting it makes me do it.

Inspirational Thoughts


"If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude"

- Maya Angelou


"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

-Jessica Lange