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Goals Smoals and Mindset Moles

It feels like New Year comes around much faster than before, but that is an illusion, because the minutes in the day has not changed in the last…..well; ever. We get busier, cram more things to do into a day, we’re on for much longer than what is necessary, and our to...

In For a Treat

Can you walk past?How do you experience PMS? Not very festive I know, but hear me out… So, we all experience it quite differently, bouts of anger, crying for the homeless and their three-legged dog or even the toilet paper puppy. Depression, sadness, irritability, the...

Apologise or ride the wave?

So, I realise I have not been in contact since August and the radio silence must be killing you. As most things you feel you HAVE to do, the tendency is either to ignore it, feel guilty about not doing it or beating yourself up for then proceeding to ignore it. Sound...

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Inspirational Thoughts


"If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude"

- Maya Angelou


"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

-Jessica Lange