3 simple ways to unflappable body confidence before 10 am

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Wherever you are in the world, chances are you’re stuck at home right now. Maybe homeschooling, juggling your own work, being the cook, carer, cleaner, lover.

And it’s exhausting!

Chances are, you’ve not had a haircut in weeks.

Bought any new clothes (why would you?) or got your nails done.

No good reason to step out of your sweatpants for a good 5 weeks or more.

Your routine, diet and habits may have changed.

You may be sleeping more, walking less, reading more, chatting less, eating more, snacking less, do more PE with Joe Wicks or none at all.

Perhaps you feel different in your body, or maybe just downright crap?

I hear you! 

You may think of your next diet.

or already planning your next physical challenge?

Before starting the newest food fad because you think that may solve your problems. Please hear me out.

  1. Your body changes after 40
  2. We’re in a pretty stressful, strange time that we can’t do anything about
  3. You’re juggling more than normal.
  4. It a LOT to deal with, and we don’t always know how to. (I don’t anyway)

Everyone has days of not feeling great in their bodies, regardless if you’re in a smaller or larger body.

I’m definitely sitting more than usual and as a result, it’s having a direct effect.

Wishing for things to be different than what it is, certainly plays into the hands of disappointment, upset, guilt, body bashing and unhappiness.

You may not be able to change the age, size or shape of your body today (or ever). However, you could try this:

7 simple things you can do before 10 am to feel happier, healthier and more body confident;

without restricting food or punishing yourself in the home gym/office/school. (rooms have many functions all of a sudden) 

  1. Wake up mindfully
    1. Take three deep breaths, welcoming this new day            
    2. Lie in bed or sit on the edge and do a quick scan from your feet to your head. Gently say hi to each body part with a smile
    3. Open the curtains and allow sunshine to stream through your window (open for fresh air if you dare)
  2. Start the day with a pint of water
    1. Have an extra glass of water next to your bed to drink as you get up. You may feel quite dehydrated after sleeping and this will soak up like a thirsty house plant.
  3. Take another breath and say these 4 things to yourself
    1. May I be happy
    2. May I be free from inner and outer harm
    3. May I be as healthy as I can be
    4. May I be at ease
  4. Move your body for 10 minutes in a way that feels good
    1. Raise your heartbeat and end in a power pose
    2. This may be dancing, some qi gong, yoga stretches or just jumping up and down. Do push-ups or squats as many times as your age. Get those juices flowing. Be thankful for the ability to move in a way that feels right and good to you.
  5. Body brush before a shower
    1. This is one of my favourite things, and I feel like my body is thanking me.
    2. Dry brush your arms and legs in long strokes towards the heart this stimulates the lymphatic system.
    3. It gets rid of all the dry skin. It’s tingly and fabulous
  6. Get dressed as if you were going to a special friend’s house on a Saturday afternoon
    1. Moisturise your whole body (including your feet). Do your hair, wear light makeup (even a tiny bit of blush makes a difference). Wear something that you feel comfortable in and haven’t worn for the last 5 weeks. Remember to add some colour to your outfit!
    2.  If you have time give your feet and hands some TLC.
  7. Notice your thoughts  
    1. This is probably the most important part of feeling confident in your body.
    2. Notice what happens when you step on the scale; wear something that feels a little tighter than the last time you wore it or when you find your hand deep in a packet of crisps. What is your mind doing? Whispering sweet nothings? Or beating you up telling you all the things a strict house mistress would, in a very cruel and unkind fashion?
    3. Notice what’s happening, take three deep breathes, put your hand on your heart and repeat step 3

The aim here is to focus on things you can do today. In the body you have right now. You may not love her (yet); but these are very simple body kindness practices that can change the way you feel and think about your body, your health and well-being that doesn’t involve harsh punishment or restricting your food.

When treating your body with kindness, you are transforming your health from the inside out!

I would love to hear how your morning went when you applied these 7 simple steps!

With love

Suné (The body wisdom woman)

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