A story about hair

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Do you take images of enviable hairstyles to the hairdresser only to be bitterly disappointed by the result?

Now, if you have an honest hairdresser she/he would nonchalantly tell you that ‘darling, you just don’t have the hair’ 

This may come as a surprise and you feel relieved to hear the truth or wholly peed off. 

For years I have not liked my hair and either want it to be straight or be properly curly.

With a cowlick and frizz, I used to always colour, chop and change it. But here’s the thing, I was still never satisfied. This meant that bad hair days were the norm and also bad moods. 

It’s taken all this time to just accept that this is my hair.

Now, I’ve let the grey grow out, I hardly ever straighten it and will never colour it again. 

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking after it because acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. In fact, this hair still deserves a pamper, wash and the odd salon blow-dry doesn’t do anyone any harm. 

I can have hair like Cheryl Cole (or whatever her name is now) but the time, money, effort and disappointment is just not worth it! (it may be for you and that’s OK!)

Can you see the link with accepting your body as it is?

  • It doesn’t mean giving up on your efforts to be healthy and feeling great
  • Taking non-action to care and look after yourself is not what it’s about

Caring and respecting the body you have today is part of the journey of complete acceptance.

You may not like it or love it, but fundamentally it’s always going to be your body. The way she looks is predetermined before you were born!

Your body is already perfect! It’s unique and someone out there may ask an ‘expert’ to look just like you!

So, starving, overfeeding, blaming, punishing, over and under-exercising is working against the most precious thing you have – Your Body! 

To get you started, here are three things you can do today to be more accepting of your body.

  1. Gratitude for all the things your body is enabling you to do every day
  2. Respect it as your life depends on it (and it does) even if you don’t like it (yet)
  3. Listen her wisdom lies deep. How to feed, care and move her will become clear when you start to listen, really listen!

I’m off to have a haircut and if you’re wondering how the %&^$ you manage to do any of this body acceptance stuff then do get in touch. 

With wild-hearted love


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