What does the perfect diet and unicorns have in common?

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They both give us false hope and are figments of our imaginations!

As we’re smack bang in 2020, are you thinking ‘this is the year I find the perfect diet, get into shape and lose those pesky pounds? Essentially having never to do this or search for unicorns ever again? 

For the past 15 years, every January, I am inundated with people calling to find out if I can help them to lose weight. The answer was always ‘yes, of course,  I have a fabulous program which has worked for 1000’s of women and men and this could be you!.’ and yes it did work, (and probably still does) it was the holy grail of ‘wellness programs’ in my eyes, they (and I)  did lose weight, feel fabulous and had to buy new smaller clothes. 

So why am I NOT trying to convince you about this magic formula? Because after 6-12 months those same people (including Mio) gained all the weight back and more. How do I know? Because they came back to do the program again.

The suffering, the pain, the restrictions, the boredom, the lack of social life and guilt for eating off plan was not enough to keep them away from this food prison for sake of losing weight.

They blamed their willpower, being angry that they should know better, have more discipline and that they have failed. 

You aren’t lazy, you don’t need more willpower, you definitely don’t need another diet!

The struggle is real ladies. The struggle to be slimmer, fitter, healthier, younger, more energetic, happier, less hormonal and more Fiona Bruce. 

It’s perfectly normal to want to feel good, in fact as humans that’s what we are constantly striving for. It’s perfectly normal to want to fit in, be accepted, be liked and all the rest, but at what cost to our mental health? 

Every day around the world women (men and young people absolutely included)  like you are trying to shrink, restrict and punish themselves through following another damn diet that doesn’t work, ridden with guilt when they fail!

Ask yourself this: Is it you who is the failure or is it the diet, diet culture and all the fat cats (pun intended) raking in on the message that you’re not ok being you? That your body is wrong, your size, age, skin colour, wrinkles, grey hair and bingo wings are all bad bad bad; that your size and shape defines you. 

It doesn’t, it’s BS! 

Here’s the thing, unlike diets and unicorns the answer and wisdom lie within YOU! You are the expert, you know your body best, you know what bloats you or makes you feel lethargic. 

It’s all there, you were born with it, dear wild-hearted woman it’s within reach to tap in, listen and respond to what YOUR body needs. I’m talking about food, movement, rest and play. 

It’s called body wisdom. 

Listening to your own bodies needs, observing what your mind is doing with that information (and other unhelpful chitter chatter) and responding accordingly through intuitive eating, movement and living and be free of other peoples rules and expectations about your body and life for that matter. 

It’s no one’s business! 

Come 6 months from now, do you want to be back where you are now or relishing in the bliss of knowing that you never have to follow another damn diet- ever?

Tuning into your body’s wisdom

You may be thinking, all good and well, but where the &%$£** do you start with this body wisdom magic?

Here are three simple things you can do TODAY to start tapping into that deep-seated wonderful wisdom of your body and it all starts with awareness.

  1. Ask the question – who’s rule is this? 

You know those times when you’re faced with the pasta on the menu or the grilled fish and salad and you’re thinking, ‘I really fancy the pasta, the comforting filling feeling is what I need right now, but I SHOULD really order the grilled fish and salad because …… 

This is where you ask yourself, is that my rule or someone else’s? Chances are you’re avoiding carbs at night or full stop because you’ll get fat. Well, you may or you may not, but it’s different when you avoid carbs because you know how it makes you feel, rather than what it may or may not do with your butt size.  

2. You’ve got 5 (6) senses – use them for enhanced pleasure!

When we still lived in cages and had to look behind us for danger we sure as hell used our senses, not so much danger and caves these days but hey let’s use what we got given. 

Look at your food, smell it, observe the colours, textures, you may even decide to give thanks to to the chef, farmer or Heinz. The first few bites are usually the best of any meal, after that, we tend to go into autopilot eating, so make those first bites count and really savour your food. 

3. Pause and check-in

Once we’re in auto-pilot eating mode, taking a pause can be quite a challenge. I know it sounds simple but this really takes practice. You may want to set little reminders like writing the word pause or pit stop on a napkin or piece of paper or have a code such as every time you take a sip of wine or water to also use that as your little check-in. 

How full are you, are you close to finishing, no way are you ready to call quits or are you actually full, but still continuing the feast? 

Now you can make a decision based on your body cues, and this is such a self-caring and respectful act towards yourself. 

Honouring your tummy and body. 

If your tummy is screaming that it’s full, but your eyes and mouth is saying something else, listen and honour that fullness, by ending the meal. 

Then, it’s time to check in about dessert – YUM!

We’ve been so conditioned to follow food rules that it can be daunting to start trusting your own inner wisdom and listening to body cues, it can feel a bit like looking for your holiday rental without google maps, but once you’ve found the sweet spot and with practice, you will always find your way back and the best of all is it’s at your fingertips- ALWAYS!

No one can take that away from you and hurray to never looking for the perfect diet ever again or the elusive unicorn (although tempting, we all need more sparkles in our lives, or is that just me?) 

If you liked what I had to say and know that this is the year you want to kick the dieting habit in the teeth and it’s time to dig deep into your own body wisdom, then book your free call with me here. I’ve opened some slots in January and would love to hear your challenges around body and food and together we can explore some simple ideas that you can implement immediately. 

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Until next time

and with wild hearted love