Can this affect body image?

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When telling women how I teach body wisdom, someone always blames the sausage.

One of the ladies will say ‘I’ve had such a bad week, I had an extra sausage’ ‘I’m so bad, I have no self-discipline, no wonder I look like I do and I hate my body’ Exhausting right?

I use the word ‘bad’ multiple times here because that’s what the type of language I hear when they get talking about food, body and weight.

So much bad, bad, bad! 

Yikes, what has the poor sausage ever done to us? 

NADA, nothing!

So here’s the thing, that one little sausage is not going to change anyone’s life, weight or health in one sitting, in fact, a good sausage at the right time makes me so happy, it brings tears to my eyes.

Mary (not her real name) recently explain to me that she felt so guilty after mindlessly eating the kid’s sausages. Mary was convinced that this was one of the reasons she’ll never be happy with her body, why she’s failing with her diet and why she’ll never lose weight. I was curious because I know for a fact that 9/10 times poor body image has diddly squat to do with that one sausage.

Here are three reasons why the sausage has nothing to do with it

  1. She was exhausted after a long day, lunch was at 12:30, this was now 6 pm and she usually has dinner around 8 or 8:30 pm when the kids have gone to bed. (which is such a long time to run on empty) So no small wonder, she was physically starving hungry. We spoke about having an earlier dinner with the kids. This way she could enjoy a meal with them, feel full and satisfied and the kitchen can be shut at 8 pm, with a few hours to do something for herself before going to bed around 10:30 pm. Win-win I’d say.
  2. Was she bored? Bored of doing the same thing every evening? Help kids with homework, make dinner (2 separate dinners) put on a load of washing, clean up the kitchen, bedtime routine, TV, bed; REPEAT.

Boredom is a state of being that most of us don’t like, we want to make it go away. In this case, it’s also the sameness of every evening, nothing sexy, not even vanilla, just plain dull.

Eating something is an avoidance strategy, giving us something to do and for a moment we’re satisfied and the boredom goes away, only to return a few moments later in a gush of boredoms, then guilt, failure, feeling fat, uncomfortable and unloveable and the poor sausage gets all the blame.

How about playing some funky music to jazz up the nighttime routine or even wearing your best Sunday hat while washing the dishes?

3. Sausage is food and has protein, fat and salt – yum. Paired with mustard, maybe some saurkraut? In my book, that’s a meal!

When you’re hungry, tired, used brain power all day and feeling a little blah, a carrot stick won’t cut the mustard.

Listen to your body

Listen to your body cues, let that guide you rather than following an external rule like sausages are bad, that you’re fat, the sausage causes your weight gain or any other nonsense sausage story. 

Don’t get me wrong, eating five poor or even good quality sausages every day is probably not a good idea, however, you would know that when you listen because your body will let you know.

You may get heartburn, gout, constipation, bloat or just feel a bit slow and lethargic. Yup- she’s pretty clued up this incredible body of yours. 

So next time, sit down and enjoy the sausage, or look at what else is going on in your mind, life or kitchen and please don’t blame the sausage. 

I’d love to know what last food product got the blame for your weight, mood or how you felt in your black leggings?