Apologise or ride the wave?

by | Oct 10, 2018 | mindfulness | 0 comments

So, I realise I have not been in contact since August and the radio silence must be killing you.

As most things you feel you HAVE to do, the tendency is either to ignore it, feel guilty about not doing it or beating yourself up for then proceeding to ignore it.

Sound familiar? “I must eat the salad instead of the pizza.” Two days/weeks/months of must and should, what do we do?


Not only a small truck of pizza but all the trimmings also.Although I feel all the above for not being regular with my updates and newsletters and letting my tribe down, I decided to just ride the wave and accept that this is where I’m at right now and that it may be time for a VA!


Because this is life, the reality of being a mother, wife, dog owner, teacher, business owner and throw in a house move (just because you need a change of scenery). There comes a point where acceptance kinda rules the day. You have 24 hours in the day, two hands and so much sanity. If that cup runs dry its tickets my friend!

Do you know the metaphor of quick sand?

The harder you struggle to get out, the harder it gets? The more you calm the bleep down, the easier it should be to get out. If you’re as unfamiliar with quicksand as I am, then think about when your child (or anyone) has a splinter. You ask them to calm down, sit still, breathe and ‘let me help you’.

Doing ten things at once, being everything for everyone and trying to keep up with the rest of world on social are exhausting strategies to stay on top of things or feel like you belong.

What am I trying to say?

When you feel anxious, stressed, annoyed, tired, guilty, sad or lonely don’t try to fight it. It’s just an emotion, it will pass if you give it space, time, kindness and just hold it gently in your lap like a sad small child. Just sit with it, notice how you’re feeling.

I see this SO often in my work, it’s normal, most women I work with are exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s a million times easier to grab a packet of hobnobs or a litre of wine to soothe our souls. Just a pity the feeling doesn’t last…..it just starts the cycle over again ☹

Next time you feel like you’re sinking into quicksand or struggling against the tide, try to just allow the emotions to happen, let the storm pass, but in the meantime put your hand on your heart, breathe and know it will be ok and you’re doing great and there is nothing to fix, you’re perfect just the way you are and you’re doing what you can.

Three top tips for riding the wave

  1. Whatever you’re doing, just stop, check in to see what’s going on for you, you can even sit down
  2. It’s your anchor, even three deep breathes will calm down the central nervous system and allow the noise in your head to quiet down a little
  3. You always have a choice, to eat the cake or to have a bath. You know the consequence of both, which one will serve you best?