Prevent post holiday you trying another frikkin diet!

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Most importantly; ENJOY your holiday, you’ve worked hard, the kids are excited, and you are desperate for sunshine and to finish THAT book. Yes, there will be temptations and you may be out of your routine but here are a few tools that if practiced regularly will take back power from the food and put you in the driving seat. (after all it’s not really all about the food)

1  Start building a new habit

You still have time. Think of one habit that you know will make a huge difference to post holiday you if implemented daily from today. Think about it, by the time you go away you’ve already started forming new pathways in the brain and your’e on your way to this habit becoming permanent.

2  Keep moving

You may not be going to your regular hot yoga class or your private pilates teacher may be on holiday. That does not give you a ticket to slack off. Every bit helps, plan your days (roughly, we don’t want too much planning on holiday) but walk instead of drive to beach. Do a few sit-ups while watching the kids in the pool or do a plank on the balcony while the G&T is being poured

3 Be mindful of your choices

We want to enjoy our food and that is the most fabulous thing about travelling or being in a different place; the FOOD. Try new things and have delights you normally wouldn’t but here’s the deal. Eat it slowly, savour each bite, name the flavours, note the smell, experience the texture and stop when you’ve had enough. If you’ve already had an ice cream at the beach, do you need another dessert after dinner, can you share a meal or have a starter and a salad?

Choose a couple of ‘tricks’ you feel happy to try out and stick to them, it will make a huge difference to future you without deprivation or starvation.

PS: Give overnight fasting for 12 hours or more a try, have brunch if you had dinner later than usual. A sure way to manage your weight and prevent the dreaded yo-yo bicycle.

Stand up straight and HAVE FUN!