Does feeling the sun on your cheeks and the warmer air wake up your spirit?

It reminds me of my wonderful childhood in Africa and puts a spring back in my step! Yes, it’s spring and it just feels right to open the windows, spend time outside for hours, clear out the wardrobes and get the windows cleaned.

It’s also the best time of the year if you’re thinking detox and cleanses.

I have a special offer to those who are hungry to feel fabulous, energetic and excited to bare flesh this summer.

I have put together a 4-week Spring CLEAN program that will aid in a radiant complexion, reduced cellulite, less cravings, better sleep, more energy and you could also lose some body fat!

What will you get?

  • Beautiful seasonal recipe bundle and shopping list
  • Simple nutritional principles that you can apply immediately
  • EXTRA step by step guidance on detox and cleansing
  • Guidance on fasting (which is the way of the future for incredible health)
  • Two, 40 minute 1:1 coaching with me to set goals for the program, keep you on track, motivated and accountable
  • Bi-weekly mini check-ins via e-mail, watsup or phone to ensure you’re on track
  • 30- day supply of my favourite green superfood powder that will support the detox process and provide the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive while making dietary changes (WORTH £60)

Book before the end of April and pay only £295 for this high value program that will get you body ready for summer- effortlessly

Get in contact TODAY to get started ASAP!  Email [email protected] or call 07968 440771.