Name your emotions and recover you strengths

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If you wish to lose weight

Do more of this:

  • Recognise that it’s normal to have negative thoughts and painful feelings, it’s also natural to want to get rid of them, We all do this
  • Recognise when you want to get rid of these feelings in your life and when it becomes self-defeating or self-destructive
  • Let go of trying to control how you FEEL when it doesn’t work to make your life better. If emotional eating doesn’t make you feel better in the long run or help you control your life, let it go.
  • If another fad diet doesn’t make your life better in the long run, let it go

Do less of this:

  • Hold onto ideas that you’re weird or inadequate because you have distressing thoughts and feelings and you struggle with them (We all do at some stage)
  • Ignore, deny or remain oblivious to your self-defeating attempts to avoid or escape distress
  • Continue to engage in unhelpful attempts to control how you feel
  • Use all your energy to get more of what you don’t really want
  • Example: Continue with emotional eating, another fad diet even though they make you feel worse about yourself and lead to more weight gain

Do you run away from your emotions and always want to feel happy, in control and organised? We all want to feel happy, but it is not possible to feel happy ALL the time. Life throws us curve balls and sometimes your day is just plain shit, hell, sometimes a whole week can make you feel like crawling under a duvet and not showing your face to the world. The fact is we are not happy all the time and when you are feeling down, sad or angry, eating, gambling or drinking too much is not going to make that uncomfortable feeling go away, it may for a moment, but it will still be there in a little while.

Learn and practice to ride the emotion, make space for it, allow it to just be there, observe it and name it. My friend and I do this regularly especially around PMS time, remind each other to breathe through it. You know it’s the reason you feel miserable and you want to cry at every RSPCA ad, but you also know it will be better again a few days time, you just have to ‘ride’ it. Be kind to yourself, go to bed early and don’t let your mind beat you up with negativity and harsh self talk.

Why am I saying this, because this is a big reason people over eat, eat the wrong things and eat without thinking. So, it may not be the food you’re eating, but the thoughts and feelings you are trying to get rid of that is stopping you to lose weight and feel happy with your life.

Have a nourished day and let me know how you made space for difficult thoughts and emotions? (Remember, we all have them)

Here’s to your nourished life!

With love