Menopause Wellbeing

Supporting women to embrace change and FLOURISH
in peri-menopause and beyond.

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Navigate the ups and downs of menopause


Tools and knowledge to prepare and nourish your mind and body

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Health at any age or body size


FLOURISH in a body and life you love!



Support your mental health and wellbeing with mindfulness.
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Treat your body with kindness and compassion. Feel confident in yourself.


Learning about and listening to your body to eat in a way that is right for you. No more diets, no more restrictions.

Now is the time to prioritise self-care.

With busy lives, juggling career, family and life, it can be hard to prioritise your needs and focus on self-care.

It can be frustrating and upsetting when you feel like you’ve lost control of yourself, your body and your life.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Weight gain, despite “diet” and exercise
  • Using food to cope with difficult emotions, stress or boredom
  • Feeling dissatisfied with your body or life
  • Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety, mood swings or depression
  • Difficulty coping with stress, feeling unmotivated or apathetic
  • Disturbed sleep, hot flashes, night sweats, aches and pains
  • Being preoccupied with unusual or unproductive thoughts, about diets, forbidden foods and wanting to change your body.

My name is Sunė

I’m a menopause well-being coach.

I help women prepare for (peri)menopause and guide them through its ups and downs.

I work with an integrated approach that combines non-diet nutrition, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and intuitive eating.

I help women like you understand and embrace the changes happening in your life and body, so that they can maintain optimal health and well-being in a body they trust, love and respect regardless of age or size.

Regardless if you’re on HRT or not, making changes to your diet, lifestyle and managing stress better all can have a positive impact on your experience.

How to flourish and thrive in peri-menopause and beyond

Every woman’s menopause journey is different, but all of us need the knowledge and skills to make the right decisions for us with confidence. Regardless of which phase of the journey you’re at, having underlying health conditions or taking HRT your circumstances are unique but the foundations of optimal mental and physical well-being is the same.

My programmes work on three levels: mind, body and food which will help you:



Support your mental health and well-being with mindfulness.  Pay attention to thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations as it is right now. This  gives you a sense of perspective and choice in situations when you feel powerless.

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Learn to treat your body with kindness and compassion.  Feel confident in yourself and your ability to know what is right for your body.



Learning about and listening to your body to eat in a way that is right for you. No more diets, no more restrictions, but still nourishing your body with gentle nutrition.

Schedule a FREE 45-minute ‘Flourish and Thrive’ video consultation

  • Here we’ll explore one big challenge you face in approaching menopause
  • What gets in the way of maintaining healthy habits and
  • I will share a mindfulness tool and practical self-care advice you can implement immediately.


what my clients say…

Suné works in a safe, gentle and considerate way. She is warm, easy to talk and is very experienced and confident. I have been given some very effective tools to help me better manage my overwhelm, anxiety and stuckness, around food and life in general, and to help me move forward in life, especially during this phase of transition”
Linda Gardener

I wasn’t sure what to expect when signed up for the ‘deep dive’ and thought I may have to take lots of supplements or starve myself!! However, it was an honest, fun and friendly approach to revamping my diet and incorporating lots of healthy habits into my day. It really helped me kickstart a healthier approach. I’ve stopped snacking when I’m not hungry and focus on what I love eating, Sunés tips were great and I was really pleased to have lost 2lbs in 2 weeks!
Leanne Richards

“I can’t thank you enough for your thorough consultation. Your in-depth assessment of my condition and habits was spot on, and the program of nutrition and supplements has been truly effective, easy to implement and has made all the difference. I’ve lost weight, I feel healthy and detoxed from the chemotherapy drugs, and get compliments on my appearance daily. You are lovely to work with, and I look forward to staying in touch.”

E Bernstein


Flourish in peri-menopause and beyond

What you need to nourish mind and body so you can flourish.

Why mindfulness in menopause?

Why mindfulness in menopause?

If we could see inside our bodies, would we treat her differently?  If we can see inside our minds, will we act differently?  We just assume that tomorrow we'll wake up, move and it’s business as usual.  Do we take her for granted? I think yes. ...

Habits and highways

Habits and highways

Old habits are like familiar highways, a groove in the brain that's familiar and easy. It takes no extra planning or thinking. You may have started a not so useful habit out of necessity. (grabbing a coffee and cake at 3pm because you were exhausted, three years later...

3 Secrets To a Smooth(er) Menopause Transition

A non-diet and mindful approach to nutrition, health and happiness in peri-menopause and beyond.

This change can be stressful, exhausting, confusing and downright miserable.

Maybe you hardly recognise yourself anymore.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this guide, I offer you a revolutionary solution that works in real life and for the long-term.
A mindful approach to embracing this change so you are able to maintain optimal health and well-being in a body you trust, love and respect regardless of age or size.

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