Break free from food rules and rediscover the joy of eating


Guilt Free Nourishment

Hi, I’m Suné. I work with people who are stuck in a food prison, but don’t know how to escape.

I help you break free from food rules, to eat in peace and rediscover the joy of eating, to live a life unrestricted in a body you wholeheartedly respect and care for regardless of your size.

Through this non-diet, mindful and body positive approach to health and wellbeing you can finally be free!

Nourishing Mind and Body

You’re tired of running in circles and feel trapped in this vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and quest for the next best health regime in order to shrink your size.

You’ve never liked what you see in the mirror, you always want to change it.

No matter what you do, nothing ‘works’ and you don’t see change.

You’re never happy in your body or weight

It may have nothing to do with what’s on your plate.

You’ve had enough of the head noise about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat.

You’re exhausted to always be thinking about good or bad food, and how what you eat will affect your weight and size.

You’re DONE with diets, fads and living this restricted life governed by food rules and body stigma

You have every right to claim your place in the world, regardless of the size of your pants are.


You intuitively make the right choices for YOU

You never think about your weight and restricting calories or eliminating food

You enjoy meals and indulgences in peace and without guilt

You’re the role model, you never had

You have food confidence, body confidence and the pride that comes with knowing you’ve got this

You intuitively and joyfully move your body because it feels good

You’re in the right place if:

You’re done with stressing about food.

You’re ready for a new approach to nourishing your mind and body.

To make a radical change in the way you care for you, your body and your life

To give yourself permission to live life UNRESTRICTED and free from food rules?

To go to bed every night, knowing that you’ve done the best for YOU, your health and well-being today?

To be done with obsessing about your weight, food rules and searching for the holy grail of diets?

Rediscover Joy

3 Key Steps to get going with a new transformation plan.


Still your inner food and body critic
Self-compassion and self-acceptance
Moment to moment awareness
Understanding emotional eating
What drives your hunger?


Joyful and intuitive movement
Know your hunger
Feel your fullness
Skinny does not equate to healthy
Celebrate body diversity
What does your body need, can you have the conversation?
Know your 9 hungers
Where can you feel it?


Rediscover the joy of eating
Gentle nutrition
Permission to enjoy all foods
Mindfully savoring food
Eating as an act of self-care
Jazz up the simplest meals to fabulously delicious

Inspirational Thoughts


"If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude"

- Maya Angelou


"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

-Jessica Lange