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Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Whether it’s 5kg or over 20kg, achieve sustainable long-term weight loss with mindfulness-based coaching, low GL eating plans & the metabolic balance programme.

Feel body confident

Ditch the guilt and self-criticism. Learn to eat mindfully and intuitively. We identify your eating triggers and change the way you think and feel about food and your body for good, with regular coaching & nutrition advice.

Enjoy life

You deserve to be happy. Use your improved health and newfound confidence to enjoy doing the things you love without being controlled by food. Ongoing coaching plans help you keep on track.


I have managed to make great progress despite not being able to cook from the plan as much as I would have liked to. I think that I felt as though I was ‘failing’ on that front at first, but now I am on board with the general principles I realise that was a mistake as it is really very flexible. I am making better choices knowing that a) this way of eating is really enjoyable and there is no on/off plan mentality b) that I am not alone in trying to address bad habits which takes the sting out of them, for some reason!

(Summer on-line group) CvW

I’m nearly out of my maternity clothes having lost another 7 pounds which is great! I feel better all around! Still struggling with my snacking habits but can’t think of anything else that would’ve helped. I just need to practise the advice given. I found the programme great and really helpful, particularly the regular facebook live. I enjoyed learning more about the “science” behind the food, blood sugar, intermittent fasting etc. I feel happier and healthier!

N.Das. London

I wanted to do something positive for myself. I never quite got myself back after having children (and that was almost 10 years ago), unexpectedly my husband has come along on the journey which is great for both of us. I realised middle aged spread and subsequent ailments are not genetic / inevitable and being more aware of the small rational steps that make it viable for myself. I’m also starting to cut myself free from my serious potato addiction which I had never believed to be possible [at one point I had done fully 10 days without crisps/fried potato which I don’t think I have ever managed in my eating life]


This programme works. I became mindful of what I was eating and drinking. The recipes are delicious and can be adapted to suit family needs. I’ve always been good at exercising, yet I am overweight. I have lost weight doing this. However, more importantly this programme has helped me have more energy and I want to continue to eat and live healthily
I’ve noticed that I’ve slept better and a few people have commented that I look glowing! I am really proud that I even made good choices on holiday. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed and relaxed but also enjoyed choosing food without chips/ less carbs. I’ve also had a challenging month of important birthdays each weekend and Vegas but I felt ok having the food I wanted and only the odd weekend wine.

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To find your true hunger, make peace with food and have more room to do the things you love.

What makes the Kitchen Table Coach different?

You’ve tried every diet, but nothing works long term. I help you to get to the root causes – how you think about food and yourself.
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I use mindfulness-based coaching to ensure that when you eat, you are fully in the moment, not distracted by thoughts. You learn to differentiate between nine different hungers, so that you eat intuitively, enjoy food rather than feel guilty and learn to appreciate your wonderful body. I have spent over 10 years working with hundreds of women, helping them transform their relationship with food. As a qualified and registered nutritional therapist and health coach – as well as a chef – my mission is to help women over 40 find contentment in their bodies and experience great health and wellbeing, for the long term. My services are ideal for yoyo dieters, emotional eaters, older mothers, busy executives, women going through peri-menopause and menopause or those who’ve battled with their relationship with food and weight for years. It’s not easy to unpick a lifetime of habits or guilt about your weight on your own. We work together over 6 weeks to 6 months – either face to face at my kitchen table – or remotely via skype, to release the blocks that are stopping you from having the body, health and life you want. Are you ready to transform you into a happier, healthier version of you for good?

Nourishing Mind and Body

Are My Services Right For You?

Peri-menopausal, menopausal or hormonal

Middle-age spread seems to have taken hold despite your best efforts. Your hormones are all over the place and you want to improve your diet to get on a more even keel.

Lifetime weight battlers

It feels like you’ve spent your entire life battling with your weight. You’re not very active and know you need to improve your eating habits, as well as relationship with food and your body. You feel trapped inside a body you don’t love, and you want to change it.

Yoyo dieters & emotional eaters

You eat without thinking when you feel stressed, tired or sad. You’ve probably tried a range of diets, that may work for a while but soon the cycle starts again.

My services are suitable for woman who are motivated to make peace with food, nourish their bodies and live a fulfilled and happy life while loving the skin their in!

Download My Free Guide: Ten Secrets To Intelligent Weight Loss For Women Over 40

What is the process to a content and more confident you?



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We begin our sessions face to face or by skype; lose weight, feel healthier and learn to love and care for your body


You move to a nourished life plan if you need it


Live a fulfilled and confident life while enjoying your food

Feel good about yourself!

Inspirational Thoughts


"If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude"

- Maya Angelou


"Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons"

-Jessica Lange